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Pony (Book) Club

Read my stuff if you have any interest in equestrian media or lifestyle. I curse a lot, so maybe don’t show your children.

Hi, I’m Claire, and I’m here to talk about horses…







Sylvester (1985)

If you aren’t following my Instagram yet, what are you doing? Well, I’ll tell you what you are doing. You’re missing out on exclusive behind the scenes content, the opportunity to vote on what I review next (like this here movie!!), chances to suggest new material, and the gift of interacting with the one and…

Good Things Come by Linda Shantz

A while ago, I created an Instagram account for this blog and I believe Linda Shantz was one of the first people I found and followed! She reached out to me, said she loved the blog, and very kindly sent her first book, Good Things Come, to me. [Yes, that is a disclaimer that this…

The Horsewoman by James Patterson and Mike Lupica

I have a lot to say about this book, but first we are going to start with the authors. I cannot say that I have read a single one of James Patterson’s 200+ books. I attempted to scroll through Goodreads to confirm this, but honestly I couldn’t make it through. I get the guy has…

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